Little Kids, Big Science

Little Kids,
Big Science

Big science concepts for eager little kids. 
A book series for ages 3-7. 


"Hi, I'm Ros!"


Rosalind Rabbit isn’t an expert in anything, but she’s interested in everything! She’s a curious little rabbit with a lot of questions about the world, what scientists are doing today, and what they might be doing tomorrow.

Kids will join her on science adventures and shrink down to the size of a cell, dig up some fossils, and even learn to live on other planets!  With a good imagination (and a handy notebook) she’s ready to explore the latest and greatest discoveries—and you can, too!  

Why We're Different

Children are natural scientists. They’re constantly exploring the world around them, soaking up new information like a sponge. But the current market for children’s science books underestimates kids and is remarkably limited. Today's market is filled with countless iterations of the names of the planets and the bones in the body—underestimating kids and failing to inspire parents.

Little Kids, Big Science aims to change that.

Our goal is to add more inspiration to science education. Kids from 3 to 7 will follow Rosalind Rabbit as she learns all about the newest scientific discoveries and efforts. With Rosalind Rabbit our guide, we tackle real-world research that most consider too advanced for kids. Our books present these discoveries in simple and fun ways that are sure to fascinate kids and also teach their parents something new.



Rosalind Rabbit:
Planetary Explorer

Let’s go live on another planet! Could you stand the blazing heat on Venus? How about the icy cold on Europa?  Join Rosalind Rabbit as she hops around the solar system to find another planet or moon to call home. Stick around to see how some of Earth’s strangest creatures could thrive on a new world!

Manuscript complete.


Rosalind Rabbit Makes a Stem Cell

Super-cells are hiding in your body! There are regular cells that power your brain, protect your skin, and make your blood. But there are also special, super-powered stem cells that can turn into any other type of cell in the body. Follow Rosalind Rabbit into the lab and shrink down to meet these super-powered stem cells up close and see how they work. Stick around to learn how real scientists are making more cells super!

Manuscript complete.


Rosalind Rabbit:
Fossil Investigator

In Ros's next adventure, she’ll skip through time to learn about fossils, the age of the Earth, and dendrochronology (tree rings).

Work in progress.


Other Potential Volumes:

  • The Pacific Garbage Patch:  
    Pollution and ocean currents

  • How to power things:
    From combustion to clean energy

  • Ros meets a robot:
    Consciousness and artificial intelligence

  • The Kepler Mission:
    Discovering planets and exoplanets



Meet the Authors

EMILY GREENHALGH and AREZU SARVESTANI are experienced science writers and alumni of Boston University's Science Journalism Master’s program.

Inspired by Einstein’s quote “If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself,” we aim to explain important headline science – often seen as too complex for young learners – to a new generation of future scientists.


Emily Greenhalgh

Emily is a marine biologist-turned-science writer at NOAA She currently lives in Boston.


Arezu Sarvestani

Arezu is a former medical journalist who currently leads the social media communications team at UC San Francisco.


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We are actively seeking representation for Little Kids, Big Science.  If you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Phone: 401-484-8606

Twitter: @RosRabbitBooks